Social Services

Since its inception DJSS has helped 1000’s of families and individuals with food, rent, medication & healthcare. This welfare distribution forms the largest part of our welfare services budget and includes those people who live in its own residential facilities who are unable to pay their way.

Currently, in our community, we are assisting on average 120 clients monthly, although we have seen this number increase over the past year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, many in our community found themselves losing jobs, businesses or having to cope with the severe lock down and its implications. People who were usually able to cope financially and emotionally on their own, were forced, due to dire circumstances, to reach out to DJSS for help. Thanks to the generosity of our major donors, foundations and individuals in our community and abroad, we have been able to assist these clients keep the roof over their heads and feed their families albeit in a stressful environment. We review recipients regularly and provide grants to cover their basic living expenses, for example, rental costs, food and household expenses, medication, medical expenses, counselling and other costs deemed essential for their day-to-day living.

Communal living – Jewel House 

DJSS is the umbrella organisation under which Jewel House falls. Jewel House offers a home away from home for our most vulnerable community members. Our residents live in a home on the Berea with comfortable accommodation within a loving, safe, happy environment where all their physical, mental and emotional needs are met. 


Community Services – DJSS Support/Help Line: 064 940 2938 

The Adopt-A-Grandparent project had to be adapted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. DJSS had to pivot and in an attempt to meet the needs of those in our community feeling anxious, lonely or worried, created a telephone support line. This offers an important connection during the pandemic with a trained professional who chats to community members in a safe and confidential space. DJSS support line is 064-940-2938 operating during business hours. As the restrictions are lifted DJSS and its volunteers will resume home visits, lifts to doctor appointments, shopping etc. and offering comforting support to those in need. 


Meals On Wheels 

We cook and package on average 450 frozen Meals-on-Wheels monthly which are distributed from Jewel House. These meals are supplied to the elderly, infirm or those, who for one reason or another, are no longer able to cook or shop for themselves. We thank our many volunteers who deliver these meals weekly.

The Vintage Wardrobe

Vintage Wardrobe stocks a wonderful range of pre-loved men’s and woman’s clothing and shoes, with regular “new stock” coming in.

Anytime you have anything special to spare, please think of the Vintage Wardrobe and we will “sell” it on. Phone DJSS – 031 202 6409

How can you help?

To become a volunteer or member please contact our offices at: 031-202-6409 / 076 954 6637 or email:

DJSS Support line: Call to connect

064 940 2938

You are not alone, we are listening